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To Buxton in the morning

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

Lie-ins, snooze buttons, forgotten red jackets, lost bow-ties, spilt coffee, stuffed mascots, real mascots, no warm-ups, greenhouse changing rooms, great performance, cracking basses, new stamp on the card, another trophy, good friends, good company ... and everyone home in time for tea ..!

A taste of another day's competing for Beaumaris Band, and one has to say that if you want to see some beautiful places in the British Isles you can do a lot worse than join the band!

Over the years the band has played in several incredible venues including the Royal Albert Hall, the Sage in Gateshead and Birmingham's Symphony Hall and back in October the band had the privilege of playing in Rochdale Town Hall during the North West of England Brass Band Contest.

Rochdale Town Hall

Rochdale's Gothic Hall was built in 1887 and is an architecural masterpiece.

The stained glass windows in the hall which holds the contest are enough to take anyone's breath away - which is a bit of a problem when you're supposed to be concentrating on the music!

But it wasn't incredible architecture, but the natuaral beauty of the Peak District which took the breath away on this particualr Sunday morning as the bus snakled its way past the famous Cat & Fiddle pub.

Mind you, it's debatable how much of the virws the younger members of the bands managed to see after a 6am start from Beaumaris!

The Buxton Festival of Brass has been a popular day out for Seindorf Beaumaris ove rthe years so it was good to be competing once again.

Playing the our own choice test piece, New World Sketches, there was praise from the adjudicator, Mike Kilroy, who described our performance as having "great life and musical energy" with our soloists being given high praise.

The adjudicator also mentioned during his closing speech that it was very close call but Beaumaris had to be contebt with second place but with a constructive adjudication to set us up for the National Championships in September.


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